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  1. Participation in the Championship is open to all those PLCs (with complete pedigree until the origin of the breed) owned by Club members.

  2. Members who do not hold this condition during the full financial year may only apply to the Championship with copies of their property during the period that their membership in the Club is considered effective.

  3. Two categories are established:

    1. Club Champion

    2. Young Club Champion

  4. The valid points for the Championship may be obtained exclusively in the period between January 1 and December 31 at the following exhibitions:

    1. The two international exhibitions programmed by the RSCE in which the compulsory CAC for the Spanish Championship is put into play (Spring International in Madrid and Talavera de la Reina International).

    2. National and international exhibitions programmed by the RSCE delegate canine societies.

    3. The Club's National Monographs.

    4. If there were a compulsory CAC commemorative point for the Spanish Championship, it would be added to a delegate canine as RSCE POINTS

  5. The score will be awarded according to the following table:





* In the case of an exhibition named by the club as "Race Special" the score will be double that indicated in the table.


  1. It will be compulsory for the horses that opt ​​for the Championship to participate in at least one of the Monographs organized by the Club or in an exhibition where the compulsory point CAC of the RSCE is put into play.

  2. The points awarded to horses that participate in the Young class will be used to qualify for the club's Young Champion championship; the points awarded to horses that participate in the Intermediate, Work, Open, Champions and Veterans classes will serve to qualify for the Absolute championship.

The points accumulated for the Young Champion Club championship cannot be applied to the Absolute championship when, due to age, the horse ceases to participate in the Young class.

  1. The points obtained within the same exhibition for the same specimen will not be cumulative, that is, only the points corresponding to the best qualification of said specimen will be obtained.

  2. To consider the points obtained in an international exhibition, the owner of the dog must send the club a copy of the classification card, by the means determined.

  3. The Club will periodically publish on its website the accumulated scores of each copy.

  4. The copy that obtains the title of Club Champion will be the one that has accumulated the highest score in its sex, at the end of the current exercise

  5. The horse that obtains the title of Young Champion of the Club will be the one that has accumulated the highest score in its sex, participating in the Young class during the current exercise.

  6. In the event of a tie, the title of Champion will be awarded to the horse whose rankings in the Monographs have been better. In the event that none of the finalists will participate in the Monographic Contest, the best result obtained by the total points coefficient (Points / Number of exhibitions) will be considered.

  7. A supporting trophy and diploma will be awarded.

  8. It is established that the Board of Directors will be in charge of settling any discrepancy that may arise in the application of these regulations.

Members may submit a claim, both to partial scores and to the Championship resolution itself, by reasoned writing addressed to before December 31 of the same year of the year. The President and the Members of Work and Beauty will analyze the claim and communicate the resolution to the interested party within a maximum period of 10 days. In all cases, the ruling will be final.

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