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  1. Both parents must have a complete pedigree until the origin of the breed

  2. Both parents must have hip tests, elbow degenerative myelopathy, dwarfism and DNA profile.

  3. In the event that both parents can be long-haired carriers because they have carrier ancestors, at least one must have the test performed and be free of this condition.

  4. The minimum age of the males is 18 months old and of the females 18 months old at the time of mounting and the maximum age of 11 years for males at the time of matting and 9 years for the females at the time of delivery.

  5. The possible combinations for breeding according to the different diseases are as follows:


* In the case of DM / DM specimens it will be possible to use them as breeders when they are an unquestionable genetic value for the breed.

6. The maximum IOC for breeding will be 6.25 as established by the Czech and Slovak Clubs owning the standard.

7. The repetition of litters beyond 1 repetition (maximum 2 times my parents) is prohibited, and there may be a second making a writing justifying the reasons for this second repetition to the breeding commission and is approving it.

8. In the event that the litter does not meet any of the above parameters, an exceptional case can be requested from the breeding commission by attaching a letter listing the reasons that justify this litter and within 24 hours the commission will give a response to the interested party.

9. The female owner must be in possession of an affix recognized by the RSCE / FCI.

10. The minimum age to deliver a puppy is at least 50 days old, the puppy must carry all the vaccines appropriate to its age and be identified with a microchip, under no circumstances should it be delivered before this date.

11. Both the MUTARA line, which today has its pedigrees blocked by a judicial decision once the fraud has been proven, and the Louve Blanche line, which through analysis in laboratories, have found various frauds (except Blue Louve blanche, which It is currently tested and proven purity) are prohibited for breeding within the Club.

12. Both breeders associated with the club who wish to litter and owners who wish to mount with their males must notify the breeding commission by e-mail, attaching the health tests and all the data of the dogs with which it is intended to breed, such riding will not be carried out until the approval of the breeding commission, which will give an answer as soon as possible.

These norms are subject to continuous evolution to favor the interests of the race.

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