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Socialization in this breed is indispensable and critical. Imprinting and socialization periods are shorter than in other races. Therefore, the breeder must start it and continue with the owner. He has to go out, get to know places, situations, textures, noises, and everything possible, with the aim of becoming a stable adult who admits new environments. It is important to positivize the car, since it is common to observe problems of dizziness and anxiety.

This breed was created with the aim of being used in military work and that marks many characteristics of its behavior. They are dogs with a strong temperament, something that can be observed from puppies. It is common to hear new owners ask for help because their dogs are not easily handled or because they defend toys or food by making noises and fuss. Fortunately, these issues can be avoided and / or resolved with hard work and dedication, obtaining positive results.

They are brave and tend to show a good degree of defense of the family group. In some cases, they may be somewhat suspicious of new situations or people, but thanks to their curiosity and work, it may disappear. They have a high activity, require outings and exercise. It is highly recommended to do some sports activity with them. They generate a very strong connection with the owner, which is why it is necessary to teach them to stay alone since they get home, in order to avoid generating separation anxiety.

Her intelligence and interest in manipulating her environment amazes. Almost all dogs of this breed are capable of opening doors, windows, levers, knobs, and even turning keys or opening drawers to inspect them. It is impossible to get bored with them. The negative part of this is that boredom, if they are alone, can lead them to find entertainment such as wanting to leave the house for a walk or invent toys with the first thing they find, which normally does not match the toys that the owners would provide them.

As both males and females mature, they become dominant with their same-sex counterparts, although females may be somewhat more permissive and calm. This is accentuated if it is with unknown dogs.

In training, they are very versatile dogs. They can perform a wide range of activities, from canicros, obedience, smells, etc. Due to its qualities, it should be borne in mind that training should be fun, varied and short sessions. If the same exercise is lengthened or repeated a lot, they tend to get bored, which is why obedience training is usually not your favorite. They especially like outdoor field activities and unleash their immense physical and olfactory abilities. We must also put aside training and military attitudes, since they do not understand them and can respond to them. They feel invaded easily. They are optimal for owners who like to enjoy the road and the challenges they propose.

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